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Web security

Let’s clarify immediately: we are not a company that manufactures or markets softwares, nor a cyber secutity company. We operate in the world wide web, providing a lot of advanced services. So we know it perfectly and we know its pitfalls as well. Therefore we can help your company to avoid the main problems you may likely encounter.


The first to prevent will be the first to be free. There’s one goal, one aim, one cause: the pursuit of freedom from cyber threats within the enterprise. It’s time to join the learned few.


    Would you like to improve your website security?

    Your website hosts a wealth of customer data that can be collected and used to help provide a better, more tailored service to customers. But, company websites are one of the biggest targets for cybercriminals looking to steal sensitive data, with more data being exposed this year via web-based attacks than any other method.

    Why you should make it yours

    Have you ever heard that prevention is better than cure?

    Web security encompasses the measures you take to ensure any data on your website – such as customers’ personally identifiable (PII) or financial information – is not exposed to cybercriminals or the website isn’t exploited in any other way. To improve website security, you must secure your customer’s data – or their experience – can have disastrous consequences for your business.

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    Prevent client-side website attacks. Protect customer data from accidental leakage, malicious theft and cyberthreats.

    The cybercrime threat; you may think your website is secure, but can you say the same about your supply chain?

    Third-party technologies such as ads, analytics, trackers and social media buttons provide great functionality for your website and are important marketing tools. These technologies also present enormous data security risks, giving cybercriminals the ability to access your customers’ personal and payment card data through unsecured third-party integrations.
    The ability to manage third-party technologies will enable web security against malicious JavaScript injection and ensure the safety of your customer data. For example…

    Ad Injection Mitigation

    Stop your website from generating revenue for criminals while protecting your brand from being associated with malicious or illicit messaging

    There are many ways in which ads can be injected into your website, displaying everything from competitive content to illicit or political material. It is estimated that up to a quarter of online visits are being affected by ad injection today.
    Most client-side website security solutions cannot solve ad injection because they have no ability to control content being injected after the page loads – but we can. Our “know how” web security strandards utilize real-time network filtering which blocks the loading of remote contentwhether it is injected through a breach or simply through a rogue browser extension. 

    Optimize Website Performance and Securely Implement Marketing Technologies

    Improve website performance and make data collection accurate and secure through our next generation tag management solution; Server-Side Tagging

    Your website is a valuable source of customer data; therefore, it is essential that you capture data in the most secure, efficient and accurate way possible whilst maintaining optimum website performance. But the growth of ad blockers and a severe increase in website data breaches make capturing data securely a challenge.

    Control Third-Party Website Component Security

    Gain visibility and control over the third-party services and supply chain of your website

    Today’s websites are rich and immersive, combining content with a myriad of third-party services. But while these services usher in boundless capabilities and experience enhancements, they also increase the attack surface substantially.
    Most website protection solutions work at the origin but with cybercriminals focusing on exploiting the browser, they are quickly revealing inadequacies. Skema is different – our technology delivers cutting-edge client-side security driven by intelligent analysis to prevent modern attacks. 

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