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Best web practices

There are “best practices” in the creation of web pages (keep branding consistent, create strong CTAs, be mobile friendly …) and there are “best practices” in the management of websites.
You can have a fast site, graphically beautiful, commercially effective and productive … but you may have forgotten the need – for example – to make it compliant with current laws (GDPR, GDPR-K, COPPA and the many other data compliance regulations). Or maybe you have underestimated the need to implement a robust modular backup strategy for your website, which guarantees you from every possible type of loss. We can help you, even “after the action”.


The "best practices" you can adopt are potentially infinite. Not all of them are necessary, not all of them are useful, but there are things that should be foreseen from the start of your business or to be introduced as soon as possible.


    Data privacy and website compliance

    Data compliance and privacy is something that no organization can ignore; new and existing legislation are changing the way businesses collect, manage and use consumer data. Whilst the two main regulations (CCPA and GDPR) differ in their legislation, they share a common theme; consumers must be given the power to control what happens with their data appling their best web practices.
    Since GDPR launched in May 2018, we have seen multiple fines for lack of compliance and CCPA is looking to set the an example as well having launched on January 1, 2020. CCPA also states that an organization must show “it has some technology in place” to avoid fines and lawsuits.
    Well, how then to explain how it is possible that one website out of three is completely lacking in compliance and most of the others have gaps, inaccuracies or lack of basic updates?

    Legal & Co.

    Are you providing all the requested information?

    The laws place each site in charge of providing a certain number of information relating to its properties, tax data, elements for the collection of information and much more. There are very many sites that do not report them.
    And just ad often we come across information provided unknowingly in a completely erroneous and therefore punishable way ignoring the necessary web practices.
    Examples? Trivially, in the wine data sheets the indication of the places of origin or the duration of certain procedures, which not rarely are heavily sanctioned by the fraud repression officers. And you? Are you sure of what you write and how you do it?

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    Your web reputation cannot be only an accessory

    When people search for you or your business online, you want their first impression to be amazing. It may be that you have nothing but a great website, five stars ratings or upbeat newspaper articles to shout about. If you do, that’s great.
    But if that first glance is negative, it’s likely people will look to your competitors to do business – and that’s when you need to act quickly.
    It’s important to remember that whatever your business does, people love to talk. They enjoy sharing their experiences on twitter – good and bad, taking to IG with their reviews and quite often, they won’t think twice about how detrimental their negative Facebook comments could be.
    Think at it. If a bad word has been said against your business online the effects can linger a long time – and in some instances, be very expensive.
    We are able to monitor and influence the online reputation of businesses, brands and individuals through best web practices. We can help protect and restore your business reputation online and we can also negotiate with various search engines to remove articles or profiles altogether, wherever your business is in the world.


    Maintaining and improving page performance

    The choice of website technologies to track customer behaviour and enable website functionality is continually expanding. But, the more you implement these technologies, the greater the risk of affecting website performance and the customer journey.
    Unauthorized advertisements are frequently used, causing a vast problem to ecommerce businesses. These ads divert visitors away from your website to your competitors, leading to lost revenue and customers.
    Our partners and associates enable you to maximize website performance and gain valuable insights into your visitors, optimizing the user experience and increasing customer acquisition and revenue.


    Reliable and affordable backups?

    How much does it cost to lose part of, if not all, your data? What does downtimes caused by backup problems mean? Often the answer to these questions is discovered only after the problem has arisen. And normally it is disheartening.
    Of course, if the web is little more than a game for you, it is not that important. But if your business or even a part of it is based on this, the problem exists. And how!
    We are not internet providers nor do we provide hosting services, but we are multifaceted consultants, able to advise you for the best on what are the better procedures to avoid data loss or even their partial impairment. As well as how recovering them in the event of an accident or violation, without wasting too much time on it.

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