Who We Are

We make strategies, design & development
to create valuable products.


Creative studio with art & technologies.



Uncovering opportunities, connecting the dots and defining a winning solution.



Building digital relations to be used as online marketing strategies to increase awarenes.



Design for the next generation of products, services, and experiences.


User Experience

Adding clarity and purpose whilst removing confusion, barriers and user frustration.

In short...

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We already look further.

We fuse research, PR, social, content, design and technology together into focused campaigns that help Brands arrive at Sales much faster and better.
Not necessarily under one roof. In fact our team spreads across different Countries: United Kingdom, France and Italy.

Skema Consulting has a refreshingly methodical approach that works. Tried, tested and proven, the campaigns we run for our clients are the true measure of our success. While our wide range of services, and talented people, are what make it all happen.

We love to think that most of our clients recognise the team as an ideal ‘partner of the future’. We often work online and online we confront ourselves, as well as with our customers. It seems a little challenging to say, but meet with us and you’ll soon see that the energy, spirit of teamwork and commitment to performance shared by our whole team ensures that the future is now.

Brand new agency? No.

Skema began as marketing consultancy in 1987. The activities soon expanded and split into different areas.
Also the team soon grew and was able to offer clients additional specialist services in the disciplines of B2B, B2C and Research.
Today we are positioned into three groups: a London-based, independent integrated marketing agency; a Lyon-based, team of graphic specialized both on web than in traditional design; an italian team oriented to set up digital PR and social media marketing strategies.

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